who has the real power?

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


After reading the book we are legion, I began to question just how powerful the people behind the Anonymous Guy Fawkes masks really are. These individuals harness a great power to control or exploit some of the biggest organisations in the world. The group showed this when they flexed their muscles in 2008 with the ‘project chanology’. posts started to show in on the controversial website 4chan.com, rallying people to take on the church of scientology and expose them as frauds. Members were encouraged (no matter where in the world they were) to attend a demo outside a scientologist church local to them. In the February of that year thousands of people all over the world simultaneously appeared outside scientology church’s all wearing the anonymous Guy Fawkes masks to join the protest. Aside from the physical demonstrations the anonymous group performed exploits on the church’s websites and published material the church wanted to keep under wraps, they crashed the church’s website and posted a calling card on the opening page.



The LulzSec logo

The LulzSec logo



This all started from one single person having an idea to target a certain sect/cult and the idea just snowballed, I began to thought if one persons idea can become so large scale what else are they capable of?

Religious sects haven’t been the groups only victim, members of the FBI and the CIA have fallen fowl to this criminal organisation. Probably the most famous one performed by an off-shoot of Anonymous called LulzSec. they tagetted an employee of HBGary.


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