Communication within the community…..

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Communication is vital when involved in an open source project. Throughout our day to day lives we use a number of methods to communicate with our peers. When involved in an open source project we face a more difficult task with our peers sometimes living in different time zones/countries. To counter these obstacles the Simutrans community uses a number of different methods of communication. The initial mode of communication between developers is the community forum, this takes away many of the obstacles presented between global communication as it is not time restricted, you simply post your question/statement and await a response.

Aside from the community forum there is a number of fan sites that are dedicated to helping fans of the project with development. The fan sites are mainly online blogs of senior members of the community and offer tutorials on certain aspects of the development.

The Simutrans community does not only communicate through fan sites and community forums though, social media plays a part within the community and Simutrans also boasts its own Facebook page, Twitter page and Google+ page.

UntitledFurthermore, The Simutrans website hosts links to online documents and manuals to offer assistance, there is a Simutrans wiki page that can be displayed in a variety of languages which further shows the global markets this project spans.



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