Governance at Simutrans.

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

The term governance as used in industry (especially in the information technology (IT) sector) describes the processes that need to exist for a successful project. The Simutrans community seems to be run by a person that has a custom title of self styled benevolent dictator. This suggests that an authoritarian leader exercises absolute power over the project but is seen to do so for the benefit of the community as a whole.


I believe this sort of method is a successful way of governing the open source community, It encourages bolder moves in decisions because the ‘leader’ is one person. If we look at people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Bill Gates they all have one thing in common, leaders, visionaries and decision makers.










people thought Steve Jobs was crazy when Apple first opened retail stores,  he told people that he was thinking for the future, building for the long-haul , he told them if they didn’t like the vision they shouldn’t hold the stock. This is an example of decision making or benevolent dictatorship which I’m sure you will agree benefited the Apple community.



  1. scottbw says:

    I used to work with a guy who was at Apple in the early days, and worked with Steve Jobs. He went into a meeting once where Steve blew up at someone “I said the mouse had to be cool. This isn’t cool. Get out!”. Poor bloke didn’t know if he meant “get out of this meeting” or “clear your desk, you’re fired!”

    So BDs aren’t always the easiest people to work with, or for … there’s a good insight here into how Linus Torvalds sees things: (especially the last paragraph)

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  2. evochild81 says:

    linus-eff-you-640x363 seems like a really friendly guy haha


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