Intellectual Property

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized


If you’ve not created it, it’s not yours!! Copyright law is considered to be a form of intellectual property, it applies to any piece of creative work. Copyright has hit the news headlines more than once over the past few years with many music recording artists feeling undercut by illegal downloads of their works. Another headliner was The pirate bay which illegally hosted copied versions of Movies/TV/Music and images that were made available for anyone with the correct software to download for free. Just recently the Pirate Bay has been seized by government forces for the breach of copyright law and claims that 100 million people still pirating movies and TV shows despite police raid this week.

So, how important is intellectual property when it comes to open source software? Intellectual property is also taken into consideration when dealing with software licensing there was a recent case where a company called Versata Software sued Ameriprise Financial Services for breaching its software license. This case can be read here.

This case shows it is essential you are aware of the laws on copyright before you leap into a project.


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