Version control

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized


Version control is an important cog when working in software development, It allows you to monitor changes made from version to version. for example, when using version tracking a developer might want to compare version 1.1 of a game with version 2.2 of the same game to see what changes had occurred. version control systems keep track of every version of the software, this becomes a straightforward task. Knowing what changes have been made will help with comparing the performance of particular versions, working out when bugs were introduced (or fixed), and so on.

I have used a kind of version tracking myself in previous projects, last year we were tasked with an arduino project to develop a program that controlled traffic lights. I had numerous versions saved just in case I needed to revert back to and earlier version because i had destroyed the current working code. It also helped me when looking back at previous versions of the changes i made and how i benefited from the change and if i needed to revert the change to further my project.

I am also currently using the same method in my Java project in my programming assignment.


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